Burn Injuries and Fire Insurance Losses

We represent people injured by fires.  This includes burn injuries as well as other injuries people suffer trying to escape the fire (e.g. fractures from jumping out of windows).  The key to getting maximum compensation for your burn injury is a voluminous photographic record of the wound, the painful processes of debridement and soaking, and the course of healing and scarring. A good, clear picture is worth much more than a thousand words.

We also represent people who lost their business, home, or investment property in a fire and seek to collect from their insurance carrier.  The insurance company will demand a Proof of Loss (a written statement specifying the amount of the loss) and an Examination under Oath (EUO) to which they are entitled under the policy.  An attorney should be retained to review the Proof of Loss and accompany you to the EUO.  Defense attorneys scour this material for any evidence of false swearing or exaggeration so they can deny the claim. 

Varjabedian Attorneys is very well versed in insurance law and the fire code.  Put its experience to work for you.  Cases are handled on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.