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Detroit injury lawyers|car accident

We advocate for the injured. We represent families for wrongful death, injury, and insurance claims. We fight corporations and insurance companies. We handle claims arising out of car/truck/motorcycle/pedestrian accidents, trips and falls, fires, police misconduct, and other negligent behavior.

We have successfully represented thousands of injured victims for more than 30 years, primarily in the Detroit metropolitan area, winning millions. We are known for our diligent preparation and sharp advocacy.

The constellation of facts in your case is like a fingerprint. It is unique. No personal injury case can be placed on an assembly line.

You should consult with us quickly. Our experience allows us to foresee issues others may overlook. For example, one suffering broken bones from an auto crash may not think the bruise on his forehead is noteworthy. However, months later he may present symptoms of a traumatic brain injury and that bruise is evidence of a blow to the head. It should be photographed immediately, before it disappears.

OUR guarantees
1. Your first consultation is absolutely free.
2. You may retain us on a contingency fee basis, which means there is no fee owing unless and until we win.